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An acoustic reading is available February 16-23, 2022 on the BMO Virtual Studio page.

Created by Clyde A Wray. Read by Hattie Winston-Wheeler, Adrianne Baughns-Wallace and Tallas Munro. A whimsical account of the lives of Georgina Whetsel and Lena O'Ree as they meet at the gates of Heaven and engage in an enchanting conversation with Saint Peter!

This February we celebrate Black History Month with a special complimentary audio script reading that follows the lives of two local legendary Black women. A follow-up script to the Nationally recognized production, We Were Here (Feb 2021), Clyde A. Wray has created an imaginative glimpse into the lives of Georgina Whetsel and Lena O'Ree. Georgina Whetsel was a prominent nineteenth-century businesswoman who had a monopoly over the ice trade in New Brunswick. Lena O’Ree hosted the first black radio show in 1931 when she was only seventeen years old and later went on to become a prominent civil rights activist.

For more information visit The BMO Studio Theatre #BlackHistoryMonth2020 #blackhistorymonthnewbrunswick

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